Imperial Rags (PVT) LTD.


Imperial Rags (Pvt.) Limited is one of the leading company which deals in second-hand clothing located at Export Processing Zone-Karachi (Pakistan). We supply high-quality second-hand clothing to retailers, wholesalers worldwide.

We source a variety of second-hand products from North America and from various charity organizations and their partners and processed to produce top quality second hand clothing, second hand shoes, premium fashionable clothing, used soft and hard toys vintage clothing, and reclaimed wiping cloths.

Imperial Rags (Pvt.) Limited has a state of the art sorting/grading plant where more than 40 million pounds of clothing is sorted/graded at this facility annually, which is spread over 100,000 square feet. We make sure that all the processes used in this plant are up-to-date. We take the help of the latest softwares and machines to ensure the huge turnaround of the volumes mentioned above in a timely manner. The 450 plus strong workforce ensures that all orders are timely executed as per the satisfaction of our customers.

Used Clothings

Imperial Rags exports its clothing to over 25 countries in Africa, Central Asia, Eastern Europe, South Asia, South East Asia, and South America. By supplying a vast array of markets around the globe, we have gained a detailed understanding of each through frequent visits and customer feedback ensuring product acceptance. In addition, the production team strives to maintain consistency in quality through various quality control measures implemented within the operational system. We are currently producing over 200 grades of second hand clothing items. Our goods are shipped in 100 lb, 130 lb, 180 lb, or 950 lb compressed bales in clear polypropylene sheets and held with polyester straps to reduce breakage. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a complete product list and pricing. Servicing and satisfying our customers is the top priority.



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